Introducing the "Original Junglist" A2 Poster, with FREE DIGTITAL ALBUM, available exclusively at suburbanbaserecords.com. 

Immerse your space in the iconic Subbase graffiti style design with Junglist camo background and our first poster design with a sleek gloss finish, capturing the essence of the original jungle movement.

This limited-edition poster not only adds a bold statement to your surroundings but also unlocks a musical journey. With every purchase, enjoy a FREE digital download of the "Original Junglist" album, allowing you to relive the beats that shaped an era. Redefine your space and your soundtrack – dive into the jungle vibes now!


1. Remarc - R.I.P.

2. DJ Dextrous aka King Of The Jungle - Wicked

3. The Dream Team - Stamina

4. Marvellous Cain - HitMan [Marvellous Cain Mix]

5. Sophisticated Bad Boyz - All Junglist & Junglette

6. The Undercover Agent, Kriminal - World Mash Up

7. DJ Dextrous - Time To Move

8. Johnny Jungle - Flammable

9. Run Tings - Ruff Revival

10. DJ Hype - Dub Plate Fever

11. D'Cruze - Watch Out

12. DJ Dextrous aka King Of The Jungle - Charged

13. Johnny Jungle - Johnny '94 [Kings Of The Jungle Remix]

14. Marvellous Cain - Dub Plate Style

15. Lick Back Organisation - Manic Musik [The Lick Back Remix]

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