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Whether its on your record box or your laptop, the 'RAVED IN THE 90's' sticker pack is for everyone!

Celebrate being a part of the worlds biggest online rave community with the brand new sticker pack providing you guys with three 'RAVED IN THE 90's' logos that lets everyone know you are part of this amazing community.

Now if you spot someone who has a 'RAVED IN THE 90's' sticker let them know that you know the score! Unite with those who were also lucky to have lived such a legendary era of revolution in rave and dance culture. You never know you may have even spoken to them within the 'Raved In The 90s' online group before!

Please remember to tag us in your posts showing your use of the stickers, we'd love to see where you stick 'em!

These are available to purchase at www.ravedinthe90s.com

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