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AKAS, has established himself as a key player in the Drum & Bass scene and significant artist in the future of Subbase Progression, now he has created a powerful and inspiring track with 'The Meaning'.

Featuring powerful breakbeats and haunting melodies. 'The Meaning' is a track that is both introspective and uplifting. With its thought-provoking lyrics and poignant melodies, the track invites the listener to reflect on the deeper meaning of life. The track's uplifting energy, however, also inspires the listener to live life to the fullest and chase their dreams.

AKAS' production skills are on full display with 'The Meaning'. The track's mix of atmospheric textures, driving beats, and soaring melodies showcase the artist's ability to create dynamic and engaging soundscapes.

Overall, 'The Meaning' is a track that is sure to resonate with fans of UK D&B. Its powerful emotional message and expert production make it a standout release for AKAS and Suburban Base Records.

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